Hyderabad's Prominent Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Ravi Chander Rao, Suggests Steps to Follow Post-Surgery

​​Hair fall or hair loss is indeed a common occurrence we usually come across in our day to day life. A statistic on hair loss shows that an average person sheds 50-100 hairs a day. However, excessive hair loss might lead to baldness in some people. Hair transplantation has renewed the hopes of bringing in the lost hair for millions of people and is proven to be an effective procedure.

Most people who undergo hair transplant surgery often tend to lose track of the steps to follow after surgery to keep it intact. To avoid any complications that ensue after surgery, Dr. Ravi Chander Rao, MS, M.Ch, pours some insight into the blindspot.

Dr. Ravi Chander Rao is an eminent hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad and a winner of the prestigious 2020 Three Best Rated® award for the best hair transplant surgeon. He says, "There is a long list of dos and don'ts after getting a hair transplant surgery done, but I would mention some important ones here." His suggestions are:​​


  • Maintain physical distance to avoid any unwanted injury.​
  • Wear protection to shield yourself from heat and dust.
  • Use prescribed medication regularly.
  • Rest for a couple of days.


  • Avoid smoking tobacco after hair transplants because it affects hair growth.​​
  • Do not scratch or disturb or pull the hairs that are transplanted.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for at least one week.
  • Avoid heavy work, weightlifting exercises, swimming, strenuous workouts.

About Dr. Ravi Chander Rao, MS, M.Ch

Dr. Ravi Chander Rao is a prominent surgeon specializing in hair transplantations and hair restoration. Being a plastic surgeon, he always had a passion for reconstructive surgeries since his training days at Nims Hospital. Since he started his practice, he honed his skills, and through his experience, he established a specialized center exclusively for Hair Transplant called Hairsure. Dr. Ravi Chander says, "Hair transplant surgery is an art and science. From my early surgeries of cleft lip and trauma of face where eyebrows and mustache have scars in them, I always felt that I could do something better and started transplanting hair in the scar regions of the face and the cosmetic change that the patients got gave me immense pleasure." Dr. Ravi is highly enthusiastic about plastic surgery and has left no stone unturned during this endeavor. Dr. Ravi considers that his best achievement in the industry is the ability to bring change in other people's lives. On being named as one of the top-rated hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad, he says, "I feel elated and much obliged to receive this honor from three best rated. And would continue to do my work to the best of my capabilities." In a society where baldness is still considered to be unpleasant/unattractive, Dr. Ravi and his team have changed the lives of so many people who would have otherwise been in despair.​

Source: Dr. Ravi Chander Rao


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